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111 Highland Avenue
The Jared Scofield House, 1866

Mary Ann Pennoyer, the widow of Harvey Pennoyer of 168 Rowayton Avenue, sold this land to Jared R. Scofield in 1865. Jared, a house painter, and his wife Harriet Louisa Mills Scofield had two daughters and a son. All of the Scofield children grew up in this house and, in the case of the girls, lived here as adults as well. Ada, the oldest, was married in 1891, but a few years later both her husband, Frank, and their only child died, and she moved back home. At the time, the younger daughter, Hattie, was living there with her parents and her husband, Reverend Solomon Woods, an Illinois schoolteacher waiting for a residency in a parish in Connecticut.


Upon the deaths of both Jared and Hattie, this property passed into Ada’s hands. She continued to live here, making her living as a bookkeeper at the Radal Oyster Company in South Norwalk, for some years. When Ada purchased #67 Highland Avenue in the 1900s, #111 was rented and eventually sold for $6,400 in 1920 to George Frederick Muendel, Jr. (1871-1948), an American Impressionist painter, born in Hoboken, New Jersey. Sometime before 1910, Muendel and his wife Ida had moved to a house near Cudlipp Street in Rowayton where he worked as a commercial artist.


In 1920, he and Ida moved from Rowayton Avenue up to #111 Highland Avenue. Ida Muendel was involved in local activities, including serving as president of the Rowayton Library board in 1930. The couple had no children. Ida died in 1937, and George married Elizabeth Hopps in 1938. George Muendel died in Norwalk in 1949, Elizabeth in 1951, and they are buried together in Rowayton Union Cemetery along with Elizabeth's parents.

Jared Reynolds Scofield and his cow by h

Jared Scofield and his bull

The Scofields.jpg

Jared and Harriet Scofield's son Harry and his family

oil painting Muendel copy_edited.jpg

Rocks by Butler's Island by George Muendel
Historic Rowayton Collection

muendel bayley beach rowayton-connecticu

Connecticut coast (Bayley Beach?)
by George Muendel

Jared Scofield barn on Flicker Lane which was a meadow at the time 2024-02-15 001 copy 2.j

Scofield barn in the meadow behind
their house; today Flicker Lane

Jared Stabell tennis court where Flicker Lane is today 1920s 2024-02-20 001_edited_edited.

Scofield tennis court behind the barn

Boats at Twilight_edited_edited.jpg

Boats at Twilight by George Muendel

Muendel  House on the River.jpeg

House on the River by George Muendel Historic Rowayton Collection

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