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Getting It Done: Celebrating the Women of Rowayton           2019

Grace Lichtenstein portrait 50s or 60s
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Sally Larkin Case
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Ruth Billard
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Sally Bolster
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Marny Smith
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Harriet Schwed
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Betsy Bain
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barbara bair
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Bell Island: Fun in the Sun                                                        2018

Bell Island exhibit 1.jpg
Life Saving Station Color
Bell  Island South Beach swimmers Ron HaCohen 2017-07-07 001
Roton Point Bathers postcard 1906 70.36.103 (2)
17.73.13 Barclay Estate post card 2017-04-05 001
Roton Point diver postcard Lisas 2017-04-11 001
61.14.5 Postcard of Belle Island
#2 Sartor. Boathouse before 1950 001
Hickory Bluff  and Norwalk Yacht Club post card 001 (2)
Bell Island post card 72.33.3 001 (2)
65.19.12 Postcard of East Beach Bell Island
68.14.80 Postcard of Belle Island
65.19.10 PostCard of Bell Island
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