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Historic Rowayton has preserved and catalogued over 3,000 photographs of Rowayton dating from 1860 to the present. These images capture the stories of our town from its days as an East Coast oystering capital to the present-day suburban community. People, homes, places, boats, factories, parades, celebrations, schools, and farms are some of the many themes that can be found in the archives. These photographs form the nucleus of the museum’s collection, and we regard them as some of the most important visual documents in the State of Connecticut.

The Carpenter and Wheeler Families, c. 1900

Wilson Hat Factory

Reverend W. H. Thomas

Can you identify these people?

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John Crockett

Rowayton Girls

Captain Isaac "Ike"Stevens

Dorothy Cowles Pinkney 

Grace Lichtenstein

Harry Cutbill

Sally Bolster

Senator John Ferris

Captain William Craw


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