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Rowayton has a long and rich history, and its houses are an integral part of that story. The purpose of Historic Rowayton's plaqued house program is to call attention to the historic character of Rowayton and give recognition to early buildings and to the people who built or resided in them. Rowayton is important not only as an early shoreline settlement including farms, shipbuilding, and small industries, but also as a popular summer resort town. The local architecture reflects all of these distinct periods in Rowayton’s heritage.

177 houses in Rowayton have been “plaqued” or documented as having been built over 75 years ago. In addition, there have been a number of plaques presented for “non-houses” such as boat houses, old stores and barns.


To qualify for a plaque, a building must be documented as being built 75 years from the present and visually recognizable as an historic building. In the first phase of the process a professional researcher will look into deeds and other primary source information, and if necessary, an architectural review is performed by a professional architectural historian at an additional cost.


Once the date of construction and name(s) of the original owners have been determined, a hardwood plaque with the name of your house and the official seal of Historic Rowayton will be ordered and delivered to your house. Along with the plaque, the homeowner can expect to receive a history of the building, a deed report, and an architectural report if a review was performed.

From beginning to end, the process takes approximately three months. If you think your house may qualify and you would like more information, please call us at 203-831-0136 or email us at


Here are just a few historic homes and structures in Rowayton which have received historic plaques:


If you would like a complete listing of plaqued homes in Rowayton, please email us at

To download a Plaque Application, click the button at right.

You may also wish to purchase Historic Rowayton, a fully-illustrated guide to Rowayton’s historic homes, complete with histories of each building and its owners. The book is available at our gift shop as well as Rowayton Library for $35, or by contacting us directly.

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