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The Civil War had a profound effect on American life. It ushered the transition from an 18th century rural, agrarian society to the 19th century industrial age. No other event is as central to what America became and no other war changed the lives of such a significant percentage of the population. Rowayton was no exception.

There are at least 60 soldiers with connections to Rowayton who served in the war, and most returned to the Norwalk area to live and work and raise their families. They worked as laborers, oystermen, surgeons, hat makers, railroad workers, and ministers, and many were involved in the development of the village. At least 38 of these veterans are buried in Rowayton, at Rowayton Union Cemetery and Raymond Cemetery.


The RHS has done extensive research on these men and is happy to share our findings. For more information, please contact us at

Honor Our Local Veterans from the Civil War

Arnold, Frederick                    H Co., MN 4th Infantry

Ayres, Elbert B.                     B Co., 17th CT Infantry

Ayres, Edward                        D Co., CT 7th Infantry

Baker, Henry                         G Co., 3rd CT Infantry

Bechtold, John H.                    D Co., OH 29th Infantry

Boomer, Hiram E.                     C Co., CT 21st Infantry

Brady, Edwin L.                      U.S. Navy

Brady, William Nicholas              U.S. Navy

Brundage, John G.                    F Co., 4th Infantry/17th Infantry

Brundage, Joseph L                   F Co., NY 5th Heavy Artillery

Clock, Charles H.                    G Co., CT 10th Infantry

Cowperthwaite, William W.            K Co., NJ 22nd Infantry

Crockett, William Gardiner           H Co., CT 8th Infantry

Cushman, William H.                  U.S. Navy

Cutbill, Henry C.                    L Co., NY 6th Cavalry

Dauchy, Allen                        F Co., CT 8th Infantry Volunteers 

Dauchy, William E.                   F Co., CT 8th Infantry Volunteers

Dauchy, William                      E Co., CT 12th Infantry, CT 17th Infantry

Dingee, George                       C Co., CT 28th Infantry

Doty, Charles E.                     F Co, CT 17th Infantry Co. D/B/I

Fairweather, George Nelson           H Co., CT 8th Infantry

Ferris, Stephen, H.                  H Co., CT 8th Infantry

Ferris, William H. Jr.               H Co., CT 28th Infantry/I Co., CT 10th Inf.

Finch, Lyman S.                      G Co., CT 10th Infantry

Fowler, Douglas                      A Co., 17th Infantry CT

Grant, Jacob                         H Co., CT 8th Infantry

Gregory, James G.                    K Co., NY 48th Regt. C Co.

Gregory, Henry S.                    I Co., 23rd Infantry, CT

Guider, Charles H.                   U.S. Navy

Hackley, Charles E.                  NY 2nd Cavalry

Homan, William Howard                G Co., CT 10th Infantry

Hooton, Thomas                       D Co., CT 7th Infantry, also E Co.

Hoyt, George A.                      H Co. CT 8th Infantry

Hoyt, John                           F Co., CT 3rd Infantry

Hoyt, Lorenzo L.                     B Co., CT 17th Infantry

Hyler, William                       K Co., NY 9th Infantry

Ingersoll, Martin Van Buren          G Co., CT 23rd Volunteer Infantry

Ives, Charles                        F Co., NY Vol. 16th  

Johnson, Elias                       B Co., CT 17th Infantry

Johnston, Henry                      U.S. Navy

Knowlton, Martin                     H Co., CT 8th Infantry

Lockwood, W. Henry                   B Co., CT 28th Infantry

Malkin, William                      H Co., CT 13th infantry

McGraw, John                         K Co., CT 8th Infantry

Meeker, Seth H.                      G Co., CT 10th Infantry/F Co., CT 3rd Inf.

Metcalf, John W.                     F Co., CT 17th Infantry

Mills, William E.                    B Co., CT 17th Infantry

Mills, William H.                    C Co., CT 28th

Millspaugh, Andrew                   K Co., NY 124th Infantry

Morrison, Samuel C.                  A Co., 17th CT Infantry

Morton, Fred 0.                      H Co., MA 10th Infantry

Nash, Wilbur                         C Co., CT 27th Infantry

Oakes, William Charles               B Co., CT 6th Infantry

Raymond, Horace H.                   G Co., CT 15th Infantry

Raymond, Henry M                     G Co., 10th Infantry

Sammis, William A                    H Co., CT 8th Infantry

Scofield, David C.                   B Co., CT  28th Infantry

Scofield, Theodore C.                K Co., CT 6th Infantry 

Seeley, Albert O.                    F Co., 3rd Infantry; B Co., CT 17th Infantry

Sherwood, Samuel B.                  M Co., NY 16th Heavy Artillery

Smith, Henry T.                      A Co.,  CT 17th Infantry  

St. John, Benjamin                   I Co.,  CT 23rd Infantry

Stevens, James A.                    F Co., CT 17th Infantry

Swords, Alfred                       A Co., CT 17th Infantry/Co. 75th 2nd IV

Tooker, John                         G Co., CT 10th Infantry

Tuttle, Edwin L.                     G Co., CT 5th Infantry

Tuttle, George O.                    A Co., CT 17th Infantry

Vincent, Gilbert                     G Co., CT 10th Infantry

Waterbury, Samuel W.                 D Co., CT 7th Infantry

Webb, Henry L.                       G Co., CT 10th Infantry

Whitney, James                       F Co., CT 17th Infantry/Co. G, VRC 7th

White, Edward                       

Wilkins, William H.                  H Co., CT 8th Infantry

Wing, Henry E.                       C Co., CT 27th Infantry

Winus, John H.                       I Co., CT 10th Infantry

Most of these men are buried in Rowayton Union Cemetery on Rowayton Avenue across from Sheffield Avenue. John Bechtold is buried in Raymond Cemetery (212 Rowayton Avenue), and you will find his tombstone, along with those of other veterans (some from the Revolutionary War) there. Research for this list is ongoing, and we would appreciate any information you might have about locals who served during the war.

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