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Historic Rowayton

As a member of Historic Rowayton, you will receive invitations to special events as well as discounts on items from our gift collection. Your dues will enable us to continue our preservation work, fund special programs, and help maintain the historic spirit of Rowayton. If you join in the fourth quarter of the year, your membership will extend through the following year.

Membership Levels

  • Individual - $30

  • Family - $50

  • Contributing - $75

  • Sustaining- $100

  • Patron - $250

  • Patron - $500

at Historic Rowayton

Historic Rowayton welcomes all members of our community to join us in helping to preserve our past. From the early Colonial period through the Industrial Revolution and Post War periods, our town is a microcosm of American history. We encourage our neighbors and friends to become involved in the story of Rowayton, a seaside town that reflects the entire history of America. Become a member and donate your skills, money or time. Join us in preserving a unique treasure of New England history.

Checks may be mailed to:

Rowayton Historical Society

P.O. Box 106
Rowayton, CT 06853

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