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Leo Dorn house_edited.jpg

264 Rowayton Avenue

The Frank W. & Carrie W. McKendrie/

Leo and Sarah Dorn House, c. 1909

Overlooking Rowayton Avenue, this spacious house was built by Frank and Carrie Hyatt McKendrie on land purchased from Franklyn Lynch. Mr. McKendrie worked in the insurance business as well as being a real estate appraiser. In 1917, the McKendries sold the house and moved to McKendrie Court, which was presumably named for them as its first residents.


In 1925, the house was sold to Silvermine Guild (later renamed the Silvermine Art Guild) artist Leo Dorn, a New England Impressionist painter and lithographer. Dorn was a member of the so-called "Knockers" group of artists and craftsmen in Norwalk. It was later renamed the Silvermine Art Guild. He had also been a foreman of Norwalk Tire and Ribbon Company taught at the Thomas School from1927 until1949. Dorn’s wife Sarah was the daughter of Charles J. Gebest, long-time musical director and composer in Manhattan for George M. Cohan.

leo dorn 3[1]_edited_edited.jpg

Leo Dorn at the Thomas School

Sarah Frances Sammis Dorn.jpg

     Sarah Gebest Dorn

leo dorn in row boat_edited.png
Sarah Frances Fanny Sammis Dorn_edited.j

Leo Dorn with students

         Sarah Gebest Dorn

Faculty-Thomas School c late 20's_edited
Thomas School 1920s maybe_edited_edited.jpg

Thomas School faculty:
Leo Dorn is 2nd from the right.
Mabel Thomas is 4th from the right.

Leo Dorn with Thomas students 1920s

97.40.7 Dorn boats river 001.jpg
Dorn woodcut snowy path.jpg
97.40.9 Dorn Sail boat 001 2.JPG
Leo Dorn Vineyard boatyard.jpg

Woodcuts by Leo Dorn

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