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The Rowayton Art Center was founded in 1960 for the study, creation, and appreciation of the arts. Its purpose is to exhibit the work of local artists, and to provide a meeting place for lectures, films, classes and mutual exchange of ideas relating to the all the arts.

The Arts Center is located at 145 Rowayton Avenue, in a small yellow historic building built in 1905 by the Reliance Hook and Ladder Company. 

In 1926, Reliance sold the building to the Rowayton Library which had outgrown its space at 101 Rowayton Avenue.*   The Library called 145 Rowayton Avenue home for 40 years until, once again, they ran out of space and moved up to Highland Avenue. The building was was purchased by the Sixth Taxing District in 1966, who subsequently rented it to the Art Center.


The Center's upstairs is a well-equipped, well-lit studio used for classes, workshops, and demonstrations. Downstairs offers two galleries: the Main Gallery, which brings a new show each month to its members and the Little Gallery, a retail center for prints, small artworks, crafts and cards. A favorite spot is the open porch overlooking the river.


Each new monthly show is launched with a reception, which gives members and non-members an opportunity to see the show, meet the artists, and make new friends.

For more information about the RAC, please follow the link to their website:


* Following in the footsteps of Rowayton Library, the RAC had its first headquarters at 101 Rowayton Avenue.  

Photo by Rick Pank

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