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The 19th century barn which houses HR's Antique Tool collection was originally located in Norfolk, Connecticut, destined for demolition. A group of Rowayton residents arranged to take possession of the barn to antique tool barn replace the Pinkney family barn which had been lost to a fire in 1971. The Norfolk barn was dismantled in five days, moved to Rowayton, and over a period of seven years, completely reassembled in Pinkney Park, board by board, by a group of volunteers led by Robert Pettus. The vintage windows that were added to the barn were taken from a house in Settler's Trail in Darien.
Included in the collection are 19th century farm implements, carpentry tools, ice saws, horse-drawn sleighs, gas lanterns, wash tubs and vintage laundry equipment, early automotive tools, sharpening stones, and yokes for oxen.

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