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THEN: Higgins’ Clam Bar (1949 - 1985)

NOW: Sails American Grill (2010 - present)

Higgins’ Clam Bar was the first restaurant at 148 Rowayton Avenue, when the new block of stores opened in 1949. It was a much-loved part of the Rowayton community for years. The property, which was previously the large fenced lawn of the Winthrop House next door, was purchased and developed by Mrs. Charles Ambler of Wilton. The restaurant was owned by former Norwalk Councilman Henry Higgins.


Higgins’ closed around 1985 to be followed by the Five Mile River Grill. The River Cat Grill operated in the location between 1998 and 2010. Sails American Grill opened in 2010.

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