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THEN: Mead Brothers’ store (1880s - 1928)


NOW: All Seasons Marine (1996 - present)

Mead Brothers’ store was the last “country store” in Rowayton, selling a wide range of dry goods. Customers who phoned in their orders in the morning would receive delivery in the afternoon on a wagon pulled by a horse named Charlie. The presence of a soda fountain in the store made it a popular meeting place to catch up on local news. In 1934, the then-empty store burned to the ground.


All Seasons Marine has been in the family for generations. One of the three current owners is a grandson of Mr. Leslie Johnston, who previously ran the business as White Bridge Marina.


FUN FACT: Rowayton’s first telephone was located in Mead Brothers’ store—for years it was the only telephone in town. (Notice the telephone pole to the right of the store in the photo on the front of the card.)

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