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THEN: Bartlett’s Pharmacy (1900 – 1927)


NOW: William Raveis Realtors (c. 2002 – present)

In 1900, Charles Bartlett opened a small pharmacy at 159 Rowayton Avenue next to Dibble’s meat and grocery store.

In 1939, pharmacist George Soybel purchased the space, and it became a full-fledged drug store. In 1948, Mr. Soybel bought the empty lot next to his store and built four new shops. He moved his pharmacy into the largest space and added a marble-topped soda fountain—a favorite gathering spot for locals.

Over the following years, a wide range of businesses operated out of 159 Rowayton Avenue, including Midway Cleaners and Rowayton Video.


FUN FACT: If you look closely, you can see George Soybel standing in front of his store in the 1940 photo on the front of the card.

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