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THEN: Capt’n Henry’s Luncheonette (1968 - 1990)


NOW: Rowayton Lobster and Seafood Market (1978 - present)

The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood (1991 - present)


James Flynn and Esther Flynn were the owners of Capt’n Henry’s—a beloved hamburger restaurant located in a quaint old farmhouse for more than twenty years until the property was purchased by Kevin and Barbara Conroy in 1991. The Conroys renovated the building to create Rowayton Seafood Restaurant on the site.

More than two decades earlier, in 1978, Kevin Conroy and his partner Steve Cook had bought the Rowayton Lobster Co-op next door and converted it to a wholesale and retail fish market. Now run by Scott Bennett, it is a popular place to shop for all kinds of seafood and specialty items.


FUN FACT: The Rowayton Lobster Co-op (now the Rowayton Lobster and Seafood Market), was the oldest lobster co-op on Long Island Sound.

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