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THEN: Henry W. Wells’ Wharf Place (1885 - c.1900)


NOW: Brendan’s 101 (1988 - present)

This building has had numerous uses over the past 137 years, including:

  • Carpentry shop

  • Grocery store

  • Antique shop

  • Nelson’s Clam and Lobsters

  • A “modern” grocery

  • Craw’s Hall

  • First National Store

  • Yacht sales business

  • Charter and outboard service

  • Bookstore

  •  First home to the Rowayton Arts Center


But in terms of Rowayton history, many would argue that one of its most important contributions was as the first home of the Rowayton Library.

Today, we know it as Brendan’s 101, “the heartbeat of Rowayton”— and our town’s favorite ice cream shop.

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