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161 Rowayton Avenue
161 Rowayton 62.9.2 Post Card of Soybel Building Rowayton ave.jpg

THEN: Soybel’s Pharmacy (1948 - 1974)


NOW: Classic Prep (2021 - present)

In 1948 pharmacist George Soybel acquired the empty lot adjacent to his store from the owners of the Winthrop House. He built four new shops and moved his pharmacy into the largest. The addition of a marble-topped soda fountain made this store a favorite with locals. Soybel’s daughters sold the business in 1974, and it became the Riverview Pharmacy.

In later years the space was occupied by Pickle’s Deli and Upper Crust Deli.

Before occupying this space, Classic Prep was located at 143 Rowayton Avenue.

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