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THEN: The Samuel and James Richards Store (1753 - 1820)


NOW: Rowayton Market (1998 - present)

As early as 1753, the brothers James and Samuel Richards operated a market on this site. In 1820 Alfred Seeley and his family purchased the market and managed it until 1842, when the store was sold to Captain William “Cannon” Sammis. Seeley’s son-in-law, Alphonse Dibble, acquired the market in 1849, and members of the Dibble family ran it until 1923. The store was subsequently owned by the Stephanek brothers until 1960, when it became Flynn’s Rowayton Market, owned by Vinnie Talicocio until 1997.


The store had been empty for a while when Kevin and Barbara Conroy purchased it in 1998 and completely renovated the entire store, opening up customer access to the waterside by adding a covered deck. In 2010, Margaret and Marc Poidevin and their son Nicholas purchased the Market from the Conroys and operate it today.


The store we know today as Rowayton Market is the oldest continuously operated market in

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